Ask around about how people feel about their kitchen, and very few would actually say they love it, or at the very least, comfortable with it. With the increasing number of people living in high-rise condominiums, it might be easy to assume that these same people are probably so keen in preparing and cooking their own food using their kitchen tools. But wrong, because truth is that there are only a limited number of them who enjoy lingering around their kitchens and dashing off some recipes to enjoy.

But really, kitchens should not ingrain a bland look and feel to the point of hating cooking, too. First off, it helps a lot to fill your kitchen with the basic tools for cooking and dining. And since we’re talking about the basics, go for the durable ones. A lot of home décor stores these days sell expensive-looking dining wares at lower prices. Being brand conscious is not the most practical attitude these days. So be wise.

And what about your kitchens’ décor? Have you checked if you have any? Say, a beautiful rug in the middle of your kitchen area. If not, then now’s the time for you to get one, and add some inspiring color to your kitchen. Or what about consider changing your wall paintings in your kitchen. Say a light yellow shade to create a sunshiny ambiance. With this few simple things to remember, you’ll be more inspired and happy to walk around your kitchen more than you used to, it’s easy enough decorating your kitchen within a budget.

Article under Kitchen Design by Frank Sloan