Most people mix up Victorian for an architectural design, yet, the truth is that it is an important period in world history. A period which stayed from the mid-1800’s to the first quarter of the 1900’s, the highlight of the Industrial Revolution. This period in world history have had a remarkable influence on the way we lived. Creations, innovative technology, and new ideas were emerging day by day during this time. House gadgets and utensils as well as the architectural designs have changed from what they were just at the beginning of the century.

The most important of the Victorian kitchens equipment was the cooking range which can either be in open or else closed types. The first ever stove was made by Benjamin Thompson and it was called Rumford stove. This stove used a single fire for heating and cooking several pots hanging over the fire through several holes above the stove. In the meantime, the Obelin stove was launched in the US which employed the same technique but adapted for domestic use. These stoves use coal and wood for fuel and it was not before the end of the 19th century that gas was used. In the 1930’s, electrical stoves were sold commercially.

It was also in the Victorian period that silverware was a household item, designed for creating kitchen utensils. It is a common background inside the Victorian kitchen to find a silver jar or jug, or a set of fine dining items. Dish wares made of clay and porcelain were also mainstays in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, they function as a status symbol of the period. Stone wares with intricate designs and the distinguishing style of blue-white pattern are indicative of one’s societal importance.

If you wish to recapture the Victorian touch and ambiance in your kitchen, the perfect strategy to that is to create a bespoke kitchen. That way, you can personalize every detail of your kitchen. Because you know that silver ware and porcelain and earthen dishes are significant aspects of the Victorian period, you can include them into your kitchen collection. The floor should be wooden though you can also use ceramic and marble tiles as a substitute. Today’s kitchen is the center of most of the family’s get-together therefore you can place rugs or carpet on the floor instead of simply allowing the wood to deteriorate.

A painted kitchen that will indicate a Victorian appearance should be made in light shades or colors. If you are doubtful about combining colors, you can at all times hire a professional to accomplish it for you. Many color designs being used in the Victorian homes are neutral hues, shades of purple and rose, and bold shades.

Bespoke kitchens done remindful of the Victorian period is not that difficult. You can also add your own style to give your persona. Besides, there are lots of architectural creations around the world that can be used as models of the artistic style of that time of history. The works produced of that period go on to inspire a lot of people.

Article under Kitchen Design by Frank Sloan