A breakfast nook is traditionally a small room that extends off the kitchen so it only has three walls. Many times, those walls are covered with windows. Because they are small rooms, you need to choose furniture that will utilize the space well. One way to do that is to use corner breakfast nooks. If you pick a set of furniture that can be fit into the corner you will have a much larger table than if you had something sitting in the middle of the room. A table in the middle of the room is limiting because you need to allow room for chairs and benches to be pulled out. Breakfast nook table designed for corner use are designed to sit right against the wall so you do not need that extra room around the outside.

Benches, especially those in a corner that can be seen easily need to be covered in some way that pleases the eye. There are many options when it comes to covering benches including seat cushions breakfast nook. Bench cushions are usually cut to fit on whatever size your benches are. They are usually one piece for each length of bench. If your pieces are odd sizes it may be necessary to get them custom made. If you do not want to get cushions for your benches then another option is bench pillows. These are essentially throw pillows for your benches. The comfort they provide is mainly for your back and to look pleasing to the eye.

Another popular choice for a furniture set in your kitchen is the diner style table and booths instead of a corner nook. If you imagine a fifties style diner you might think about at a Formica table tops sitting on one center table leg and vinyl benches in bright colors. As silly as it sounds, this is a very popular look for the breakfast nook. They do not take up a lot of room and they can sit up to six people. You can make the room even more authentic with the addition of a table top juke box. You can get these on e-Bay or at going out of business sales for old diners.

A café style round table that sits high off the ground is another trendy choice. You can then put stools around it so it is like you are sitting at a counter or bar. This breakfast nook set is better suited to couples because the high stools can be dangerous for children. These types of tables are usually small and only meant for two to three people anyway. This is choice is an especially good one if your breakfast nook is smaller than most.

Something important to consider when making your final choice about your breakfast nook furniture set is to make sure you will have room for your entire family and maybe a guest. A large family would not be comfortable with a small table for two in the café style. A second thing to consider is the comfort of the people who will be using the furniture. For example, if you are a person of large size then a corner breakfast nook set where you will have to slide in and out of a booth constantly might not be very enjoyable for you. However, a family with many small children could find the corner booth perfectly manageable for the smaller members of the family.

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