For modern homes, the most important rooms would be the kitchen. This is the room where you prepare your own food and cook for your family. For others, the kitchen is also a place for the family to eat together. However, most modern homes to also have small kitchen spaces. Generally the problem with small kitchens is that they do not have enough storage space for all things. However, there are ways to maximize your kitchen space. Below are great tips for small kitchens.

You can start by allotting a lot of storage areas for your kitchen. There are homeowners who customized their cabinets and mostly they have built-in cabinets. This is a great idea as built-in cabinets save you a lot of space and at the same tome gives you more storage options.

You can also opt for small, compact and/or multi-function appliances. Small furniture and appliance pieces can also help maximize your kitchen space. It is also suggested that you opt for items and pieces that are foldable so whenever you do not need them, you can keep them out of sight.

Article under Kitchen Design by Fran Sloan