Creating or designing an outdoor kitchen that serves your needs is one of the most fulfilling outdoor projects you can complete. After all, isn’t your patio supposed to be a magical place to relax and rejuvenate in? Of course it is! There are certain limiting factors, like budget and time deadlines that will affect the type of outdoor patio you are dreaming about. You should know that there are products and accessories available that continuously enter the market. Some of these things didn’t even exist until much more recently. You can have your outdoor kitchen rival even the finest commercial quality kitchen. Designs could include tables, kitchen islands and counters and barstools just as some ideas.

With these ideas in mind, where does one start the design process? Well, the place you’ve begun here, the internet, is a great place to seek advice and pictures. You could also browse through custom home magazines and home shows. What you’ll find may stretch or tax your budget. The whole idea of having every modern appliance made for the outdoors is not even necessary if you know how to maximize your kitchen’s potential and your likely patio use. The list of features; faucts, lighting, sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, coolers, ice makers, counters, etc. just continues to grow.

Just because you are designing for an outdoor space, don’t think that it will necessarily cost less or be any less elegant as your indoor rooms. You might want a more rustic look and you can certainly achieve this with outdoor dining furniture like farmhouse tables and old wooden furniture. There are other natural and aged products to help create that chic look.

You could also be interested in a contemporary design or something more modern looking. Wicker patio furniture is also great looking and is now available as a synthetic material, so no need to worry about it deteriorating. There are also contemporary styles in glass and composites. All of these could work well in combination with your outdoor kitchen designs. You can imagine how it will transform the look and feel of your patio. Enjoy!

Article under Kitchen Design by Fran Sloan