Getting nightmares about your impending kitchen redecorating plans? Choosing the right home décor for your tastes and your style is never easy. There are just so many different choices to make and to think about, that the thought of redecorating the home can be overwhelmingly confusing. Having nightmares about decorating your home is sure to spoil this otherwise wonderfully exciting experience.

Here are a few suggestions to help make your home décor journey a more pleasant and enjoyable one

Lifestyle Matters

The first thing you need to do is choose your kitchen décor styles according to your lifestyle. Some factors are crucial to any home décor plans and overlooking them could very well be a nightmare indeed! So you have kids or do you intend having kids in the near future? Do you have pets? Do you entertain a lot and if you do, is it mainly formal, corporate entertaining or just get-togethers with family and friends? What are your personal style preferences?

Once you have done that the rest will come easier to you. Choose to your style and not someone else’s; remember that it is you after all who has to live in the house. You have to feel comfortable in your own home and that is why you should always decorate to your own tastes and styles.

Some of the choices of kitchen décor styles to opt for include

Traditional Country Style Kitchen

You could opt for a traditional country style kitchen. The kitchens of yesteryear filled with rooster décor, teapots, bakers rack and many other vintage collectibles. Using a country home décor within your kitchen will make it feel warm and inviting; a great place to spend time with the family. Lots of lovely extras such as an old wooden clock that depicts a picture of the country; enamel kitchenware, checked curtains on your windows and many other lovely country features give your kitchen a charming country style look.

French Style Kitchen

How about a French style kitchen with wrought iron wine racks filled with your favorite tipples, beautiful candles adorning the windowsills and some beautiful, delicate plants to add a little extra warmth. You could add French country posters to your wall hung in frames or you could have a wrought iron pot rack in the middle of the kitchen to really give it that French country style.

Shabby chic is making its way back into our home décor ideas and with good reason too. A distressed look to your furniture and collectibles is a great way to acquire a the shaggy look in your home. Remember though they have to look distressed not on their last legs! Your home will feel comfortable, warm and extremely inviting when you opt for shabby chic home décor! An antique chandelier always looks great in a shabby chic home décor plan as does a romantic plant stand or pot full of trailing and hanging plants.

There are many options available to the decorator wanting to update or go back in time with their home décor ideas. The best thing to do is to pick up a magazine detailing other people’s homes. You could lots of inspiration regarding your home.

Article under Kitchen Design by Fran Sloan