A breakfast nook is typically a small room just off of a kitchen with only three walls. With one side of the room open to the kitchen, the other three walls typically have many windows allowing in lots of natural light. Different families use this room differently. Typical uses include social gathering, eating meals, doing homework, paying bills, working on art projects, or meeting as a family. Because of the diversity of the room you have to make sure that you have the best furniture for you needs. Certain types of furniture are more appropriate for different kinds of uses.
When looking for furniture for your kitchen breakfast nooks there are many choices. The most common choice for furniture in the breakfast nook is a breakfast nook set. This is a furniture set that usually includes a table and some kind of seating. Purchasing a sets usually solves problems like making sure the chairs or benches are the right size for the table. Also, the color of paint or the hue of the wood will definitely match with a set. If you mix and match pieces from various sources it is not likely that they will match very well. Sets are a good choice for another reason which is that they can be made to fir unusual shapes. There are breakfast nook sets that can fit into a corner and sets that are made to fit an octagonal room exactly.
The most important piece of furniture for any breakfast nook is the table. The key is to choose a table that is as big as possible. The table and chairs need to fill the entire room because you usually do not put any other furniture in the breakfast nook. The decorating mood and impression of the room is influenced by the material the table is made out of. The table of you breakfast nook should match the decorating style of you home and especially your kitchen. If you have a country style and wooden cabinets in your kitchen, a wooden table is most appropriate. In contrast, if your decorating style is more modern, you want to choose something like a glass table with metal legs. No matter what your style, choose a breakfast nook table and chairs that is comfortable for you and your family.
The next most important choice is the seating arrangements. A common seating arrangement in breakfast nook sets is the bench. Benches are a good choice if you need to accommodate many people. You can typically fit more people on a bench than on chairs in the same amount of space. Benches are an excellent choice for families with children. The storage available under the seat sof many benches add another benefit. If you counters and abinets are cluttered, you can use this storage space for small kitchen appliances, linens, or even games and art supplies. Benches are not comfortable for everyone, so to accommodate all of your guests you should have a combination of benches and chairs. Also, chairs are more comfortable for larger individuals. Think about all the people who will be sitting there when choosing your breakfast nook seating.
There are other pieces of furniture that you can put in a breakfast nook, but the table and chairs are most important. For example, some people put small thin tables along one of the windows for plants or knick knacks. Some people include floor lamps or large potted plants as well. Whatever you choose to use in your eat-in kitchen, make sure that the space in comfortable and inviting.

Article under Kitchen Design by Frank Sloan