A major service provider in flooring, national floors direct, was one of the locations I sought. It was promoted largely by a acquaintance that I had known who just remodeled his kitchen in a lavish wood set. I enjoyed it a lot so I thought I should give it a shot. Of course that’s not the only spot I went through. Though, having friends come to my commode provided me with the opportunity to use different samples against my furniture instead of heading to a showroom. The idea of how the pieces would look made me fairly inclined towards them.

A while ago, I ended up buying my first home. It was a pretty good commode, not fairly large, but with just substantial space for myself and sometimes a friend. The major thing is that it had a nasty flaw. The owners before got the house in the 70’s, and renovated it, then left it like that. It’s probably me but the decorations of that time period was not my style. The colors were bad and shiny and the carpet was hideous. I couldn’t imagine who would like a carpet like that. There’s much labor to be done.

Wallpaper was removed, paint was applied and things began to take shape. When it got to be time to start getting the old carpet out and replacing it with something more my style, I had to locate attractive, yet affordable floor covering. I decided to start in the entry and the kitchen because that’s the first place guests would see. Still, I knew I had to keep the cost down, since eventually I would have to replace it throughout my whole house.

I didn’t have the budget for hardwood, but the laminate selection they had was fairly wide and I there were several options that fit well with my cabinets and countertops. (Those, fortunately enough, were not bright orange or anything else particularly hideous so I haven’t needed to replace them.) I ended up selecting a laminate that looked like cherry that looks excellent in the entryway.

The laminate prices at national floors direct were similar to prices that I had found at other stores I had priced. The prices that they offered were not the cheapest or the most expensive, but the range between these was not very large. Another factor in my decision to purchase from them was the fact that they didn’t charge extra for installation on stairs between my entry and kitchen, and they also moved the majority of my large furniture for installation.

I was very pleased with the job national floors direct did, and several months later I actually ended up buying carpet from them for the living areas and bedrooms as well. It was a different installation crew for the carpeting, but like the first the installers were very professional, and I’m quite happy with the job they did as well as the new look of my house.

When it came time to remodel my home, National Floors Direct was one of the major service provider in flooring that I took a look at. My budget was not large enough to afford a hardwood floor. However, I found several of the laminate options went quite well with my cabinets and counter tops. Their prices were not the cheapest, or the most expensive. After the installation of my affordable floor covering, I was so pleased with the work they did that I returned to their store for living room and bedroom carpets too.

Article under Kitchen Design by Frank Sloan