If you love to cook then you know that having a great-looking kitchen is enough inspiration for you to concoct more appetizing dishes for your family and guests. But sometimes due to size restrictions you might feel that it’s somewhat impossible to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen design, just like with any other rooms in your home, can be both exciting and challenging. Planning for the look and materials to use can be easy but actual execution entails a huge dose of patience and determination, but it’s always safer to cover the basics first. Keep in mind that having a minimalist look is also cost-effective but still yields great results.

Painting your walls with solid light colors will not only enlarge the look of a small kitchen space but also gives a brighter ambiance. Built-in cabinets for your utensils and condiments are also better, because of their space-saving benefits and instead of using wall-to-wall carpet, complementing your flooring with area rugs would be cheaper and would still look great.

Do not overwhelm your kitchen with too much decor because it will only end up looking and feeling too cramped and this isn’t something you’d wish for especially if you spend a lot of time in there.

Article under Kitchen Design by Fran Sloan