Converting your kitchen into what you really want maybe beyond your means since you cannot just simply tear-up your cupboards or counter tops. How do you possibly renovate your kitchen with little money on hand?

The tip when it comes to renovating your kitchen is to start with a few things that do not break or renovations that won’t cost you much. Here are some simple, yet effective means to beautify your kitchen:

1. If you find your cabinet doors discolored or even not good looking after some time of cleaning, you can paint them with new color. A good paint or varnish can go a long way at the same time you can also get the opportunity to fix any broken hinges and handles.

2. Search for a simple but nice decor. For example, use your spice bottles with labels removed and the jars cleaned very well. Stack them to give your kitchen a country old look.

3. For a touch of natural beauty, why not add plants. Find something that requires little maintenance and is relatively resistant to conditions of heat and humidity found in the kitchen.

Article under Kitchen Design by Fran Sloan