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Welcome to The Singular Kitchen. We offer quality, hard to find products from reputable manufacturers such as Luminarc, Signature Housewares, Duralex, Le Parfait, and Matfer. Quality glassware, cookware, dinnerware and kitchenware that you can use with confidence – to make your cooking a little easier, add some color and spice to your kitchen and dining room.

Kitchen Products

Kitchen Accessories

These kitchen accessories will accentuate your kitchen or dining room and make your food preparation a little bit easier. Serving foods and wine with these high quality cookware and serveware items will be a pleasure.

Beer & Spirits

Beer and Spirits are divided into Beer mugs, Pilsners, Shot glasses and Specialty Barware, to make your selection of drinking glassware a little easier.

Beverage Glass

Our beverage glass selection ranges from bar supplies to the elegant Arcade glasses. These glasses are beautiful when filled with your favorite beverage or on the shelf. We also have a number of styles of glass drinkware that are tempered.

Glass Bowls

Name a television cooking show and you will find glass bowls that are both dishwasher & microwave safe bowls. From the legendary public television shows to the omnipresent Martha Stewart. Many of the Food Network Stars use stackable glass bowls from Arcoroc.

Canning Jars

We stock many different canning jard, canister sets, and hermetic jars. We recommend Le Parfait, Si Facile or Quattro Stagioni jars for canning. Fido jars are best for storage of unprocessed food like coffee and flour. We sell replacement gaskets for wire bale jars and lids for Quattro Stagioni jars.

Kitchen Equipment

We love to cook! My father was a fourth generation baker. We grew up watching my dad bake; he always used professional kitchen equipment. When we got older and started cooking and using his tools, we quickly understood why he used professional equipment. When you are serious about cooking supplies, only the best equipment will do. Which is why we chose the lines of kitchen equipment that we carry. We have cooking equipment from Arcuisine, Matfer and Signature. We are currently updating our site, more is coming soon.

Coffee Mugs

We have a great selection of Canterbury mugs and Directiore mugs, some can even double as beer mugs. Most are tempered, please read the information on each coffee mug to make sure it can be microwaved. Some Coffee mugs have matching dinnerware to go along with them.


Nothing beats the look of Arques Crystal pieces. Longchamp Crystal is gorgeous, especially when the sunlight or candlelight hits the crystal; it sends prisms throughout the room. We offer lead crystal glassware, stemware, serving pieces, trinket boxes, vases and figurines by Crystal by Cristal d’Arques.

Decanters and Carafes

Decanters and carafes are vessels for storing liquids and making it easy to serve to your family and friends. All of our Decanter and Carafes are made from high quality glass, so you can feel safe and secure in storing your beverages in them. The Decanter and Carafes we carry range from Bedside decanters to glass carafes or wine carafes.


Most of our Sorrento Dinnerware is made of tempered glass, with one exception. One day my Rep. came by showing me Signature dinnerware, I realized I had some mugs from Signature that had managed to survive my family for years, it was added to our collection. Signature has a couple of awesome lines of Tempered Glass Dinnerware, Sorrento and Now and Then in its dinner collection.

Glass Pitchers

High quality Glass Pitchers with sealing lids and with ice containers. We have something for almost any occasion. Check out our diverse collection of pitchers. Be sure to look at our Quadro Jugs and Frigoverre Pitchers. Frigoverre pitchers are tough, dependable and comes in different sizes to suit your needs. Quadro Jugs looks great anytime, anywhere, and comes in a range of sizes also.


Sorrento Dinnerware, offered by Signature Housewares, is one of the premier brands of high quality Lead Free Stoneware. Designed by Debby Segura, in a wide range of colors and pieces. Sorrento is the perfect pattern for creative hosting, or a casual dinner using our pasta bowls. Easy, safe and low maintenance, try a set of Sorrento bakeware today..

Sorrento, listed by color!

Sorrento Dinnerware, offered by Signature Housewares, is one of the premier brands of high quality Lead Free Stoneware. Designed by Debby Segura, in a wide range of colors and pieces. Sorrento is the perfect pattern for creative hosting, or a casual dinner using our pasta bowls. Easy, safe and low maintenance, try a set of Sorrento bakeware today..

If you would prefer to browse our Signature Sorrento pattern by item type (with color as an ordering option) rather than color, please click HERE

Special Occasion Glassware

Holiday Glassware adds a festive atmosphere around the holidays at gatherings and events. The items in our Special Occasion Glassware category are currently discontinued and we have limited stock remaining.
The Special occasion glassware is made by Luminarc.


Stemware is essential for any social event. Not only does it allow for an elegant method of serving refreshments, but its main function is to help maximize the enjoyment that you get from wines. The shape of the glass helps to aerate the wine, development and judgment of the bouquet. We offer a range of Twisted Stemware and Wine Tumblers to match your budget.

Kitchen Storage

Beverage storage containers are essential to help keep foods and liquids fresher. The apothecary jars are great for dry items. The bottles are perfect for preserving liquids in an airtight vessel. The Refrigerator storage containers work great for storing almost anything, especially leftovers!


Everyone should have a beautiful Luminarc vase or three in which to put some fresh flowers from your loved ones. Balmoral vases They can also be used for decorative purposes. These glass vases are sure to impress and show off just for you.






We take pride in providing a personal service and helping every client find tailored solutions that will satisfy their needs and budget. We offer a vast collection from ready made units to bespoke furniture. Everything from traditional, solid wood, shaker style kitchens to contemporary minimalistic styles in painted and stained wood. We supply both Scandinavian and leading English made kitchens.

We offer a total service with project management from start to finish. We aim to optimise the space given by developing solutions that add excitement, practicality and value to both small and large properties. You get a hassle free service, which allows you to sit back and relax until the project is finished for you to enjoy.

We offer the following services:
* site visits and design solutions
* supply all units, appliances, lights etc.
* project management
* installations
* property management
* supply furniture
* supply blinds from Luxaflex and Eclectics

We represent leading brands in both appliances and
accessories and work closely with professional
carpenters, builders, electricians and plumbers.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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